Testimony continues in day seven of Brady murder trial

Published 5:16 am Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Courtroom testimony continued Tuesday, October 15 in the Mikel Edward Brady II capital murder trial at the Dare County Courthouse in Manteo.

As witnesses took the stand throughout the day, additional details of the October 2017 failed escape attempt from Pasquotank Correctional Institution that left four people dead came to light.

More than one person testified that they saw Brady and three other inmates attack and assault officer George Midgett. Some had to fight back tears and other emotions while relating how Brady hit Midgett in the head with a hammer.

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Other officers related how their confrontations with inmates Brady, Wisezah Buckman, Seth Frazier and Jonathan Monk outside the building resulted in head and stab wounds of their own.

Inmate Travis Kenton, who worked with Midgett as a canteen operator, said he was with officer Wendy Shannon in the warehouse area and both unaware of the injuries the four had inflicted on Veronica Darden and Justin Smith. Seeing blood on Brady and others Kenton said he thought it was just colored dye and asked Brady in jest, “Who did you kill?”

It was shortly after that when Brady attacked Shannon. Fearing for his own safety, Kenton ran outside past Midgett and yelled for Midgett to run.

Midgett testified Monday about how Brady and the others attacked him. When Kenton was led back inside the building, he said he saw Midgett on the floor, but the injuries were so bad and there was so much blood, he did not recognize Midgett.

Kenton was transferred to another prison that night.

Others recalled that when Brady and Frazier were cornered outside, both said “You are going to have to kill us.”

According to testimony, the four were not ready to surrender. Running away, they climbed nearby security fences. First Buckman and then Monk got caught on the fences and officers subdued them. Brady and Frazier made it to the outermost fence before they were caught.

In addition to the testimony provided, the state introduced some 200 hours of video from the prison.

Once the prosecution completes its portion of the case, lawyers for the defendant will have a chance to enter their evidence. Most of the cross examination questions by defense lawyers so far have been for clarification of events or details.



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